Kings of War: Wound markers

I’ve been playing a lot of Kings of War lately with my friend and gaming partner Chris. I wanted a nice way of showing wounds accruing on units that was better than just putting dice by them, so have made these. The bases with built in counters are from Warbases. I’m pretty happy with how these have turned out, and there are more coming -a beer barrel springing a leak is in progress…

BaD -Intro

My friend Chris and I run our school’s wagames club.  We have a reasonable regular attendance of kids playing mostly 40k, and we both have a small 40k force to use in games against them.  We are both, however, starting to find that system a little bit horrible to play.  Our vision for the club is to help the kids actually learn from the game they are playing -getting them to think about strategies and planning ahead.  This is very hard to do with 40k, as the system lends itself much more to just creating the best list possible and killing as many of the enemy as you can (even with an objective game, this normally ends up being the best thing to do).  We have tried making them play scenarios or think about things in a different way, but it is not going well so we’ve decided to abandon the system entirely.

Our solution is to create several ‘participation’ style games that we can run for the kids, requiring no prior knowledge of the rules on their part (rules knowledge is also a massive problem among the kids of today, partly fuelled by the inept running of games at our local GW), but that force them to make tactical decisions.  We looked around for a while for new sets of rules but they all came out as too expensive or too experimental, and neither of us could really stomach the idea of learning a whole new set, so we’ve decided to write our own rules, meaning that we can make them exactly how we want them.

I’m going to blog about this as we go along, sharing the different ideas that we’ve come up with as we go along.  We don’t intend on selling this in any way, and even if we did we probably wouldn’t be able to as we’ve ‘borrowed’ a fair few mechanics from other games already.  Wherever we have done this, I will credit where we got the idea from and point you in the direction of those games.