B&D Playtesting Day

I invited a couple of friends over to Yew Tree today to have a go at playing a full game of B&D.  The idea was to get some people other than ourselves to play the game and see if they could make it work/break it.  It was massively successful, with both players picking up the rules very quickly and not having to refer back to the fast play sheet very often.  Chris, the human player was really good and ended up winning by keeping his squad nice and bunched up and thinking through the best positions for the various different weapon types he had.  He managed to get right to the end of the mission before he even allowed a Zombie to get into close combat with him.  Unfortunately, this made the experience a little dull for Robbie, who was controlling the Zeds.  In fact, the experience made us realise that as the zombies have to follow set rules for movement, there really isn’t much of a game for the person who controls them.  They don’t get to make many decisions.  To rectify this, we’re going to introduce ‘Zombie Masters’ who have a bubble of influence within which the zombie player can control the zombies much more.  I’m already thinking of a few neat ideas to make this rule a possibility.  There’s also the idea of having some zombies be ‘rage’ style ones, who can run when within a certain range of a human target, meaning that it makes it harder for the human player to guarantee that they cannot be reached by any zeds.

Other than this, most of the rules worked how we intended them to and the game was pretty enjoyable.  I was definitely pleased with the dead zed tracker idea that I blogged about a few days ago; it kept the board topped up nicely with zombies, they just weren’t always where Robbie wanted them to be.  Other rules ideas we came up with:

  • Other zombies being drawn to one of their number who is ‘feeding’ on a dead human
  • Dead humans staying on the board as draws for feeding -needs some kind of marker
  • Grenades

Easter Alone-time

So my fiancee is off at home for a couple of days leaving me home alone.  I’ve got hundreds of things I’d like to do with that time, so I need to be careful or I’ll end up just sitting watching Zulu all afternoon or something. My original plan for today was to brew my next batch of beer, but I’ve got an issue with my new immersion chiller (can’t work out how to attach the hose to it), so I’m going to postpone that until tomorrow (reliant on being able to attach the hose then).  Instead, I’m going to try and make some headway with painting the paratroopers up ready for BaD playtest day.  I also thought I might start thinking about rules for Starship Troopers style bugs, so that we can maybe run 2 games simultaneously.  If I do that, I’ll post what I come up with here so check back later if you fancy it.  My brother has also just lent me his old Canon Eos 10D to see if I want to buy it off him, so I might try and get out with that for a walk around the village, although the weather is pretty terrible.

Anyhow, not entirely sure what the point of this was, but I figured I hadn’t written anything in a while.