BaD -Intro

My friend Chris and I run our school’s wagames club.  We have a reasonable regular attendance of kids playing mostly 40k, and we both have a small 40k force to use in games against them.  We are both, however, starting to find that system a little bit horrible to play.  Our vision for the club is to help the kids actually learn from the game they are playing -getting them to think about strategies and planning ahead.  This is very hard to do with 40k, as the system lends itself much more to just creating the best list possible and killing as many of the enemy as you can (even with an objective game, this normally ends up being the best thing to do).  We have tried making them play scenarios or think about things in a different way, but it is not going well so we’ve decided to abandon the system entirely.

Our solution is to create several ‘participation’ style games that we can run for the kids, requiring no prior knowledge of the rules on their part (rules knowledge is also a massive problem among the kids of today, partly fuelled by the inept running of games at our local GW), but that force them to make tactical decisions.  We looked around for a while for new sets of rules but they all came out as too expensive or too experimental, and neither of us could really stomach the idea of learning a whole new set, so we’ve decided to write our own rules, meaning that we can make them exactly how we want them.

I’m going to blog about this as we go along, sharing the different ideas that we’ve come up with as we go along.  We don’t intend on selling this in any way, and even if we did we probably wouldn’t be able to as we’ve ‘borrowed’ a fair few mechanics from other games already.  Wherever we have done this, I will credit where we got the idea from and point you in the direction of those games.

Finished: Mk1c Deimos Pattern Rhino

My current plan for painting the new Space Marine army is to buy one unit a month and spend that month painting that unit. I’m setting myself a budget for each month also, with the option for carrying over any underspend into the next month.

Anyway, for the past two months I’ve been working on the first 2 units, both of which I bought at Games Day.  I still have four more marines to paint from the first tac squad, but I have finally finished their mechanical mount: a Mk1c Deimos Rhino, as made by Forge World.  I really enjoyed painting it, with all its little details and the learning of new things, like weathering and aging (there is a lot for me to learn here, it seems).  Anyway, without any further ado, here are some pictures:

Gamesday and other stuff

So I’ve got a lot of gaming type news, and feel I need to give this blog a bit of a boost.

First of all, I went to Games Workshop Games Day last weekend and had a great time.  I last went when I was about 15 maybe and remember actually being a bit bored.  I was too shy to get involved with any of the participation games (which seems to be the main draw for younger gamers) and wasn’t interested in the rules design and painting showcases.  Now, however, I just had no interest in playing any participation games alongside some screaming kids being egged on by an underwashed, overweight man in a fake beard, but I loved the rules design and painting showcases.  I won’t do a whole write up, or even put any photos up because I’d imagine lots of people have done those things already, and better than me.  I will say, however, that if you do it right, Gamesday can be a great day out for the type of gamer I like to refer to as ‘Normos’, and it is in fact quite easy to avoid the less savoury elements of the gamer community.  So long as you don’t care too much about getting a good view of the Golden Daemon entries (I’m planning a whole post about this interesting olfactory experience alone).

Leading on from this, I have also decided to start a new army for Warhammer 40k.  There are a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it is the most common game among students at my school club, so I feel I should learn the game a bit better and be able to help them out.  Secondly, the displays and everything that inspired me the most at GD were definitely the 40k ones.  I’m not sure why, I think I may just be bored of WHFB and need a change, but there are also the tanks.  I found myself very interested in the model tanks, probably due to the little boy in me.  My two favourite entries to the Armies on Parade thing were both tank convoys driving through muddy fields.

So anyway, I’ve always loved the Space Marines, so I decided to reup my interest in them and start a whole army of them again.  I’ll post a few photos of my first couple of models (one test piece is painted so far) later on (I’m ensuring that I’ll keep blogging by promising posts later)…