Skyfall: Bond returns to the Gentleman’s Club [Spoilers]

Went to see the new Bond yesterday.  I’m not going to review it properly because I’m no good at that but there is something that really irked me about the film.  Unfortunately, it happens at the end, so only follow the jump if you’ve seen it/don’t care.

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Weddings etc.

I’ve just got back from the wedding of my very good friend Pezzy, who I have known since I was very young (about 3, we think).  I had the honour of being best man, which was great fun and meant I really felt part of the day, which you often don’t if you’re just a guest.  The downside was having to do the speech, I was so nervous I barely ate any of the lovely dinner.  But it turned out to go down very well and lots of lovely people told me how much they enjoyed it afterwards, which was fantastic.

In other, related news, I proposed to Tish on Thursday and she was foolish enough to say yes, which was nice.

Nothing much more to say at this point, I’m going to sort through the photos from last night and get them up on Picasa…