Shadowrun RPG: Core Rulebook

Shadowrun RPG: Core Rulebook: Catalyst Game Labs: 9781934857311: Books.

I’ve just noticed that Shadowrun finally seems to have been consolidated into a decent, modern style RPG.  I have really fond memories of playing 2nd ed after school with a group of guys a few years older than me, and have wanted to be a part of a regular game of it ever since.  This 2009 4th ed book looks pretty good, and there are loads of extra source books (hardware, chrome stuff, magic, matrix etc) that seem to sit well together, from what reviews say.

Anyone fancy forming a group to play this semi-regularly?

Pathfinder RPG

So I’m planning on starting running a game of Pathfinder as GM in the next month or so.  I’ve never GMed a game properly before but have always had something of a desire to sit in the GM chair.  When the desire hit me again recently, I decided to actually try and find a game I’d like to run.  As the first RPG I ever played was AD&D (2nd ed. I think) I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the old sword and sorcery games.  I didn’t like the look of the new 4th ed. of D&D, however, so I started looking at older editions.  3rd Looked like a good bet, with lots of stuff available for it 2nd hand, but then I came acros Pathfinder, which is a continuation of the development of D&D3.5.  This seemed like the best bet to me as it is a rule set I like the look of, and one which is still supported, and very well supported too.

Anyway, I’m starting to put together a bit of a campaign idea mostly based around a small medieval style feudal village.  I started off trying to create a village all by myself, but soon got bored and felt a little swamped by the amount of detail I wanted it to have (I’m hoping the campaign will have quite a ‘sandbox’ feel to it).  Then I stumbled upon this nice little website that gives a huge amount of detail about a medieval town in Kent, based on records from the time.  It is intended to be a resource for a research project for secondary schools, but gives all of the right information to create a village and populate it with NPCs.  One of the tables on the site even tells you how good each of the men were at archery!

Anyhow, I’ll hopefully be putting updates on here of how I do learning to be a GM…