Painted: Dreadball Human Striker



I just finished painting a test model for my human Dreadball team. I’m really happy with how he turned out. I’m going to use the team as practice for layering. I think the green worked well, but the silver needs a bit work (I drybrushed it, which I think was a mistake).

Space Hulk

I’ve just had a great couple of games of Space Hulk with my good friend Ted.  I didn’t get around to taking any photos, so I’ll keep this short.

The first mission we played involved the marines starting with just two guys and having to move around the board reactivating a bunch of others who were unconscious.  The map was really claustrophobic with very few long corridors (in my experience, the corridor is where the marines really shine), so it was a tough struggle for Ted.  I’d also made sure I placed the heavy flamer marine furthest away from his start zone so he didn’t have that to help him clear rooms.  I was able to swamp him with Genestealers pretty quickly and some ridiculously bad rolls made sure his Librarian died.

We kept the same roles for the next mission, which was just the next one in the book and involved the Marines having to cross the map, pick up a cup and take it back to their starting square.  Ted played it real cautious, moving nice and slow and putting as many marines as possible on overwatch.  While this was a little frustrating for the ‘nids, it did give me plenty of time to build up a stock of blips out on the board and move them around so they were where I wanted them.  He managed to cross the map to where the cup was, but had lost 4 marines by that point (most killed when he got close to the cup room).  The remaining 3 hung on for a while and managed to get about halfway back, but I had had plenty of time to build up a stock of blips around the starting squares and in the side corridors ready to ambush marines as they came by.  In the end the last two marines were totally surrounded and there’s just no way for them to deal with that.

So all in all, two wins for me!


I make no secret of the fact that I love boardgames.  I hugely enjoy the experience of gathering around a table with a few good friends (or new friends) to either compete or work together.  I was turned onto the myriad of modern, brilliant boardgames a couple of years ago now when I revisited the hobby of wargaming.  In some of the shops where I was buying miniatures I was seeing boardgames that looked to be complex and designed for grown-ups (not in that way!), after I kept seeing the same titles over and over again, I decided to buy one: Carcassonne.  This got me into Eurogaming, which I like just fine and have since bought Catan and Power Grid (both of which I love), but I also felt a yearning for some big box madness to remind me of the days of my youth I spent at a friend’s house playing Warhammer Quest.

The answer came in Descent.  It is a massive, time consuming dungeon crawl game based on early roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and it is great fun.  Anyway, I had a great time around a friend’s house last night playing one of the adventures in the basic book.  Dave was the Overlod (GM to roleplayers), and the party was made up of:

  • Me with a one-handed orc-type guy who comes with a bonus ‘hook’ attack
  • Marty with a straight-up combat knight type bloke
  • Dave’s wife (whose name I have totally forgotten) with an extremely brittle wizadry type who could deal out huge damage so long as he wasn’t dead.

We worked well as a team and got through the first two rooms with relative ease (the wizard only died a couple of times I think), but took too long, meaning it was already getting late by the time we’d cleared out the 2nd one.  Luckily this included the key we needed to get to the boss room so we just fast-forwarded to their for a finale.

This started off relatively well, but we just hadn’t gathered enough treasure yet (because we had skipped the other 2 rooms) so weren’t dealing the damage needed to take out the dragon and 2 giants that were the main threats.  We ended up slowly dying and bleeding Conquest tokens (once you’ve lost them all, you lose) and my character’s second death was what finished us off.

All in all, the game was pretty close, and i think if we’d had longer to churn through some more rooms and gather more treasure, we could have won in the end, it is just such a massive game.  It has, however, got me back in the mood to play Descent, so I’ll have to try and arrange another, longer, game soon…

Also, I’ll put a gallery of my painted Descent minis up here when I next have a chance.