Testing: Great Eastern Ale

I just tested this beer after about a week in the fermenter. It’s down to 1019 from 1040, leaving about 3-5 points to go (target is 14 but I’ll settle for 16). I reckon I’ll leave it in the fermenter for another week, partly out of convenience and partly to try and get as much sediment as possible to settle out before kegging it.

New adventures in brewing

So I finally got around to starting up brewing again at the weekend. I’ve had a premium kit for woodforde’s ‘Great Eastern’ knocking about for a while and finally just decided to go for it, hoping it would be ready to drink for the next Grizzly and the Bears recording session.

It all went pretty painlessly and I found the deep Belfast sink in our new kitchen to be a real boon. My main concern was making sure my equipment was all as clean as possible after the nightmares I had with infecton last time around. After that, it was all pretty plain sailing and the fermenter was sitting in the porche after about 20 minutes. And then it sat there for a day and did nothing. I’d put an airlock in it so I could reassure myself things were happening and it just wasn’t bubbling. I figured it was just too cold in the porche so brought it into the dining room and sat it next to the radiator. It is now brewing nicely. I tested it today (3ish days in) and it has dropped from 1040 to 1028.