Suspension Suspended

So a while back, my good friend from university, John Doak, set up a little online poetry zine called Suspension Magazine.  He had loads of submissions from people around the country and some of them were really good.  I very much enjoyed being able to read the poetry people had sent to him and it gave me a chance to experience poetry that I might not normally read, as it was unpublished in book form.

Well, I don’t know why (I’m sure he has good reasons), but a message appeared on the zine today saying that it’ll having a hiatus for a while.  I hope that whatever it is forcing him to take a break goes away soon so that more great poetry appears on the internets soon.

Weddings etc.

I’ve just got back from the wedding of my very good friend Pezzy, who I have known since I was very young (about 3, we think).  I had the honour of being best man, which was great fun and meant I really felt part of the day, which you often don’t if you’re just a guest.  The downside was having to do the speech, I was so nervous I barely ate any of the lovely dinner.  But it turned out to go down very well and lots of lovely people told me how much they enjoyed it afterwards, which was fantastic.

In other, related news, I proposed to Tish on Thursday and she was foolish enough to say yes, which was nice.

Nothing much more to say at this point, I’m going to sort through the photos from last night and get them up on Picasa…


I have tried blogging several times in my life, for several different reasons, mostly to do with music or brewing. I will still keep my brewing blog separate from this one (I’ll find a place to put the link somewhere), but might cross post a little.

Hopefully this one will last a little longer than others as I want to use it just to share stuff I’ve been doing creatively here. I’m going to try and post something at least once a week, which should hopefully help spur me on a little…but I guess we’ll see…