Space Marine fluff

The symbol of the Screaming Eagles (Aquilae Clangens), 1st Battle Group of the Tips of the Spear (Cuspidis Teli) Space Marine Chapter.

The fashion at the moment among space marine players is to paint one’s army as a pre-existing chapter and stick religiously to that set of fluff. I don’t like that. I’d much rather have the freedom to make up my own chapter and give them some fluff. That’s why I made up the Tips of the Spear for this marine army.  Here’s some fluff I wrote about them:

The Tips of the Spear are a chapter steeped in mystery and old as the Imperium itself.

They specialise in the rapid establishment of control of small areas of a planet, leading the way for battle brothers of other chapters, or for the heavy tanks and masses of troops of the Imperial Guard.  They achieve this control through bringing to bear overwhelming force and firepower very quickly in the most strategically valuable areas of the theatre of war.  Drop pods, gunships and tanks are their most valuable tools in achieving this end.

From the outside, they are ostensibly a standard Codex Astartes organised Space Marine chapter, following closely the Company organisation set out in the codex, this appearance is deceptive, however, as they long ago restructured their forces as the result of a disastrous campaign against an Ork invasion shortly after the Great Crusade.  At the end of the campaign, the Tips of the Spear had expelled the aliens from the planets they had invaded, but had suffered many losses as a result.  Only 200 battle brothers remained, all now battle hardened and phenomenally trained.  These two hundred were all immediately promoted to the status of elites and split into four Battle Groups of fifty.  They would become autonomous fighting units, raising their own armies independently to slowly replenish the stocks of marines.  All four groups now follow largely the same organisation (called the Codex Telum by some); still keeping 50 elite warriors supported by 100 regular battle brothers, who are organised into 5 squads of tactical marines, 2 of assault, 2 of devastators and 1 of scouts.

The Battle Groups are composed and equipped in such a way as to ensure they have maximum combat effectiveness without the need for support.  The battle groups are permanently billeted in flotillas of battle barges and strike cruisers, able to jump quickly to any areas of need in their particular sector of space.  Indeed the first sign many planets have had that they are to be the next world sucked into the amorphous mass of the Imperium is the battle scarred dark green and black ships of the Tips of the Spear.

The age of the chapter is reflected in the ancient nature of a large amount of their equipment; they do not trust the newer models of tanks and power armour the way the other chapters do.  Most tactical squads ride into battle in ancient Mk1c rhino tanks, lovingly restored by the Techmarines of the chapter when they had been abandoned by other chapters and the veterans of each Battle Group are allowed the honour of entering battle wearing ancient suits of ‘Crusade’, ‘Iron’ and other  armour from different eras.

The Tips of the Spear are a practical, down to earth chapter, not holding much truck with the more superstitious practices of other chapters.  They honour the dead and prepare for battle with the same rites as any other chapter, but don’t feel the need to adorn their armour and vehicles with iconography and pages of scripture.  Their chapter symbol is simple and the Battle Group that a battle brother belongs to is shown through the colour used on the symbol and as the edging on the shoulder pads.

The 1st Battle Group of the chapter are called the Screaming Eagles (or Aquilae Clangens) and their symbolic colour is yellow.

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