B&D: Bug Attack! -Bugs

As I’ve mentioned before, the next step in developing B&D is a new set of rules for Space Marines vs Buglike aliens. We’re trying to involve the kids in this much more than before, now that we have the basic rules roughed out. One of the boys in particular has an extensive tyranid army that we’re going to use to save us having to buy a pile of new minis. I’m playtesting the first draft of the bug rules with some of the kids on Thursday. Here are the rules we’re going to try:

There are three types of bug: little, medium and big (we’ll think of cooler names). Mid bugs are the basic warriors which the player will have most of. They will be fast (8″ move, +d6 run) and good at combat (+2 mod, and gets to roll 2d6 and choose the highest roll -this represents the bug having loads if limbs and being off the hook crazy). They will need to be within 8″ of a big bug or count as ‘alone’ therefor needing to pass courage test to move towards the enemy, among other things.

Big bugs will represent the controlling type creatures. They will maybe be a bit slower than the mids, but just as good or better in combat. They won’t suffer any negative effects when they are alone, so they can be moved around to where they need to go on the battle field (maybe they should be able to move faster then?). If they don’t move in a turn, they can instead ‘launch’ a base of Little Bugs at a chosen target.

Little Bugs are really more of a weapon than a character in their own right. You choose an enemy model to target the base at. Every bug turn, the base moves 2d6 towards its target. It does this until it: makes contact with the target, is destroyed, its target is detroyed or fails a courage test. If a base of LBs loses its target for any reason (failing courage/target dying), it will move towards the nearest enemy model. If there are none visible, it sits tight until there is one. When the base is launched, it has a rating of 6, which will be the number of dice the base rolls in combat. If a base suffers a result of ‘dead’ on the damage table from shooting or combat, the player that caused the damage rolls an additional d6 to determine how much is knocked off the base’s combat rating.

I’ve also come up wih some rules for LB bases being used to destroy the walls of the fort. For this, the bugs that are targetted at the fort roll their combat dice on impact (in my head, they literally explode on the wall in a shower of acidic blood). Any successes count as ‘hits’ against the wall. The walls will each have a target number that, when met, means that secton of wall is destroyed. I think that the number of hits scored on the walls will be cumulative, meaning that successive attacks add up to destroy the wall. This might be the beginning of some vehicle rules, if they work out okay for buildings.

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