New (Old) Stuff: Space Marine Predator 2nd(?) ed.

I recently bought a whole pile of old Games Workshop related stuff from an old school friend of mine so I’m going to do a few posts looking through what I got.  First up is this Predator that I think is the 2nd edition one, but it might be 3rd.  It seems to be in pretty good conidition, with the only real break being one of the exhaust outlet tops, but I’m pretty sure I can greenstuff one of those up in no time.  The lascannons in the sponsons are also loose (it seems like they were held originally by just some tiny little pins), but that is no matter as I want to magnetise them and source some heavy bolters to be able to change them at whim.  The top hatch also looks like it once had a bolter on top, like the rhino.  I’m not sure if it should have had this or it was put on when it was built, but I don’t want one on there anyway so I’m not bothered about repairing it.  I’ll just file down the lumpiness so it’s a nice, smooth hatch.

The next step for this is to scrape the decals of it and undercoat it again, ready to paint in Tips of the Spear colours.  I’m going to try and prize the top of the hatch off too so I can fill in the sight gaps around the edge.  That way I can paint those gaps to look like sight blocks like the modern designs have.  More pictures will arrive once I’ve done some more work on it, although my Easter project is supposed to be the WWII Paratroopers I’m doing for the BaD Zombie War scenarios.

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