Playtesting BaD 2

Chris and I got another chance to playtest a full game today, but this time ran it for two of the regular boys at the school gaming club. I’m pleased to say that they seemed to enjoy it. They picked up the nasic rules very quickly and quite early on were running the game themselves. The only real issue we came up against was that they ran out of time. We need to come up with a way of being able to get a whole game played in the limited time available at the club. After all, the whole reason we are designing this game is to play at the club.

Finished Painting: Dystopian Wars Prussian Cruiser Squadron

I’ve managed to paint the last cruiser in the squadron I started a couple of weeks ago this evening, so though I’d take a few photos of how they’ve turned out.  I’m pretty happy with them -I feel like I’ve been able to put a decent level of detail and shading on them without taking too long, and the colours are pretty balanced across the model.  I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the rest of the starter fleet now -I reckon I’ll start in on the frigates next and leave the battleship till last.  Anyhow, have some pictures:

Playtesting B&D

Chris and I had a chance to play through a game of B&D today. We played the first scenario I’ve written for the Zombie War setting, in which the human soldiers are scattered across the board and have to meet up at one building. We made some interesting observations both about some game mechanics and about the scenario.

The scattering left the humans bunched up into 2 groups (after a turn or two of running individual models towards larger groups). One of the groups was close to the RV point, but it was full of zombies so they fell back pretty quickly to clear it out with firepower (the sergeant and the light machine gunner were in this group). The other group were in the opposite corner with a good number of zombies around them and closing in. Stupidly I kept these quite still and tried to eliminate the Zs, wheb I really shoul have run them along the edge of the table. When I finally did make the break, the zombies were a bit close and managed to grab one of the guys. I’m sure if we’d bothered to fight the combat, he would have sold his life dearly. But we didn’t.

Back with the other group, the RV point had pretty much cleared out so I ran the soldiers towards it. This was where the random running distance bit me in the ass -thr special weapons guy rolled a 1, meaning he didn’t get away from the Zs closing in. He held his own in combat, luckily, and broke away to join his compatriots in the RV building. This is pretty much where we left it as time for the club was up.

Things we learned
-Shooting is pretty good (but LMG needed a bit more power in range band 1)
-Combat with multiple combatants needed to change. We’ve changed it so that all combatants roll a D6 and compare each result on one side with each result on the other. A higher result means you roll on the damage table for the result beaten. If more than one dice is higher on one side, the extra wins give a +1 modifier on the damage table, just like with shooting.
– There were a few too many Zs on the table really -this scenario won’t have more coming on in future.
-It was a bit too easy for the humans to run along the table edge, so I reckon we need to put loads more buildings on the board, and place some of them right up against the edge to break up this path.

Painted: First Dystopian Wars Prussian ship

I’ve just finished painting the first of the ships from my Prussian fleet for Dystopian Wars. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. I went for kind of a Prussian blue, mostly using GW ‘enchanted blue’. Of course, I used plenty of brass as well, to fit in with the steampunk theme of the game. Anyhow, here are some pictures taken on my phone.