BaD -Zombie War Setting: Scenario Two


Piercey was the last of the squad to reach the RV, but he was by no means the worst off.  in fact, Thompson suspected that the reason he had taken so long was that he was enjoying shooting up those walking corpses so much.  There was a suspicious glint in his eye.  Thompson surveyed the rest of his men.  Frampton seemed to be holding up well, all things considered, which was more than could be said for the other new guy, Jones.  He was shaking like a cheap whore on a cold night.  That said, the rest of the men weren’t much better off.  Although these men were hardened troops who had seen more than their fair share of fighting, nothing could prepare you for seeing a rotting corpse shuffling towards you, hungry for brains, let alone a horde of the things.

But we have to press on, thought the sergeant, or we’ll just go mad.  He consulted his mission charts and took a bearing for their first objective.  They were to met some kind of spook there to get further briefing notes.

“Okay ladies,” Thompson barked.  “I don’t know any more than you about what the hell is going on here, but we’re gonna be Oscar Mike in the next 5, so do whatever you got to do to make that happen.”


Place plenty of buildings all over the board, with streets running diagonally across the board (from corner to corner).  This makes it harder for the human team to cross the board, without straight streets for them to run down.


The human squad is made up of 7 ‘trained’ human soldiers, 1 ‘elite’ and 2 ‘rookies’.  Most are standard troopers, armed with a rifle with fitted bayonet.  Sergeant Thompson is armed with a pistol and one of the ‘trained’ soldiers is a heavy specialist, armed with an LMG.

A random number of zombies start on the board, determined when deploying.


After having laid out the landscape, place D6 zombies in/around each building on the board.  Then randomly determine a point of entry for the human team.  They should be placed within the 2”x6” zone at the centre of the table edge.


The game is over when:

  • The Zombies have killed 6 or more humans
  • 5 or more humans have left the board from the opposite edge from their entry point.  They must leave within the central 6” zone as they entered.

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