BaD -Zombie War Setting: Introduction

This week I’m going to be sharing on here the details and fluff I have written so far for the Zombie War setting of the BaD rules Chris and I are currently working on.  This is the first setting and set of scenarios we are going to write, as we feel it will appeal to the kids at our group (they like the board game ‘Zombies!!!’ that we play with them sometimes), and will be a good way of getting them interested in playing participation games.  For each setting, I’ve decided to develop a series of about 7 scenarios that hang together in some kind of story.  This is more for the written version that we will be putting up here for other people to play than for the kids, but it will give them something to get hooked into.  Anyhow, here is the introductory information for the ZW setting:

Basic premise

A small group of soldiers are dropped into an area of Germany with no real briefing on what will happen.  They find out that all of the German soldiers in the area are zombies for some reason and kill a whole pile of them.  They receive a drop of extra equipment (more soldiers?) and eventually work out that the zombie leader woman is holed up in a base somewhere.  They resolve to break in and kill the woman.

Scenario Outline

  1. Congregate after parachute drop
  2. Cross an area infested with Zs
  3. Rescue someone who is injured
  4. Collect a weapons drop
  5. Establish and secure a position
  6. Clear an area of all Zs
  7. Breach a barricade into Nazi base
  8. Destroy boss zombie woman


Sergeant Thompson sucked at the end of a badly packed army issue cigarette and winced at the disgusting taste.  The smoke he exhaled was augmented by the steam of his breath in the cold air.  It was illuminated by the slowly strobing red light of the aircraft waiting for him to clamber aboard.  The rest of his men were already crammed into the uncomfortable benches inside, each probably sinking into their own personal pre-combat rituals.

He threw the dog end of his fag away and spat out the lingering tobacco taste through his teeth.  Pulling himself into the belly of the iron beast, he briefly though that his limbs weren’t as strong as they used to be, before quickly pushing it from his mind no time for that nonsense. Gregson and Piercey were nearest to the door and both gave him the faintest of nods as he entered the cramped cargo hold.  Frampton, one of the 2 new squad members recently bumped up from the reserves, shuffled to one side to give his sergeant some room to sit.  It was still a squeeze.

The engines of the massive bird boomed into life and they were soon on their way to Bergen.

Twenty minutes later, they had reached their destination.  The soldiers stood as one and walked in a slow column to the now open jump door.  One by one, they were pushed out of the door to trust that their chutes would open.  Sergeant Thompson was, as ever, the last to jump.  As he stepped up to the edge of the door, he wondered exactly what it was they were jumping into feet first.  Command had been less than vague on the situation, saying he would find all of his answers on the ground…

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