BaD -Statistics

I have now outlined pretty much all of the areas of the actual rules that we have come up with so far.  Our intention (as I said before) is to get this working in a way that we want for one scenario first, then move onto others.  We’ve started with soldiers fighting zombies (we’re using West Wind’s nazi zombies for figures), and will then move onto human space soldiers against bugs (classic SF!).  I very much see that part of the exercise as ‘Phase 2’, where we tweak and add to the existing core rules.

Anyhow, the plan is to create easy to use and simple ‘army lists’, rather than the massive ones that we are used to for most games. Chris is working on this, and there will hopefully be some examples up here soon, but the premise is to have a double page spread for each faction.  This will have on it the following information:

  • Basic stats (mostly just ‘movement’).
  • The damage table for the faction.
  • A series of racial modifiers that apply to all members of that race.
  • A series of ‘squad’ modifiers, that can be applied to whole squads at a time.
  • A series of ‘individual’ modifiers that are applied to (you guessed it) individual models to give them advantages/disadvantages.
  • A list of weapons available to the faction, with their statlines.

I then envisage each squad in the game having a card of some sort that lets players know what abilities they have, or maybe a card for each model, depending on the size of the game.

Update:Here is a Human Soldier Army List 1.1  It is very rough and still has a few key pieces of info missing, but it gives you an idea of what we’re planning.

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