BaD -Courage and Stomach

At various points in the game, a model will be required to test their courage. The courage of a model is determined by its training level. Courage is tested by rolling 1D6 aiming to score equal to or over your courage rating, after adding any relevant modifiers. We think that a 1 will always be a failure and 6 always a pass.

The battlefield can be a terrifying place, especially if you are unused to it. It is even worse if you are fighting hideous aliens or the zombified corpses of your best friends. A model’s training level determines how much bloodshed or horror it can stomach seeing, or more accurately, how close it can be to that bloodshed. If one of a model’s fellow combatants is killed within a radius of its stomach rating in inches, it has to test its courage.  This will probably also allow for other things like monstrous creatures being within that distance.

Failing a Courage Test
When a model fails a courage test, it has to run away. At the moment we’re thinking they should run to the nearest cover and then have to test again if they want to come out again. This is a work in progress idea.

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