BaD -Training

Right from the start, we both wanted the training level of models to be an important part of the game. We’ve come up with a system we really like.

There are 5 different levels of training: civilian, rookie, soldier, elite and badass. These names might change, but they are pretty self explanatory.

The training level of a model affects several aspects of how it behaves. These are: courage, command distance and stomach. I’ll explain how these systems work in later posts.

Training level Courage Stomach Command Distance
Badass 2 2″ 6″
Elite 3 3″ 5″
Trained 4 4″ 4″
Rookie 5 5″ 3″
Civilian 6 6″ 2″

Training in Zombie Scenario
The squad of humans in this scenario are mostly standard trained soldiers. 2 of them are only rookies, however, and the sergeant is elite.

2 thoughts on “BaD -Training

  1. Let me guess, anything bad happening within a character’s ‘stomach’ distance results in a roll against courage with the possible penalty of a missed turn?

    • Don’t give it away Steve! But pretty much, yeah, although not a missed turn. We’ll probably make it so you either run away straight away, or next turn you have to make a run move. It’ll be running into cover/safety of numbers though. We haven’t really sorted a system for that bit yet as we’ve been concentrating on the real basics.

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