BaD -Damage

Once a model has hit their target (either in shooting or close combat), they need to cause damage.  To do this, they roll 1D6 on the damage table of the target that they have hit.  The result of the dice roll, plus or minus any modifiers that result from a weapon, having scored multiple hits or having a higher number of combatants in an uneven fight.

Once you have determined your result, look it up on the table and enact whatever outcome results, such as removing the model if they have been killed or laying them down if they have been knocked down.

If a model is already knocked down when they are damaged, any result of ‘knocked down’ becomes a ‘killed’ result, in addition to any ‘killed’ result that already exists.

Damage in Zombie Scenario

This is the human damage table we are currently working with:

D6 roll Result
1 Unharmed
2 Test Courage
3 Test Courage
4 Knocked Down
5 Knocked Down
6 Killed

and this is the zombie one:

D6 roll Result
1 Unharmed
2 Unharmed
3 Knocked Down
4 Knocked Down
5 Killed
6 Killed

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