BaD-Close Combat

When it came to a close combat system, I was all for not having one at all, believing that in real modern (or fake SF) combat, the last thing fighters want to end up doing is hitting each other (I always thought that was a silly aspect of 40K). Chris pointed out, however, that some factions won’t have distance shooting ability, for example the zombies in our initial, zombie based scenario, so we need one.  We wanted a system that was nice and simple and turned to the very easy nature of fighting in DBA for inspiration.

Basic Combat Rules

When two models are in base contact, they must fight in close combat.  To do this, each side rolls 1D6, adds any modifiers they might have and compares the results.  The winner (obviously) wins the combat and rolls on the damage table for their opponent.  If the result is a tie, nothing happens (this might change).

We haven’t worked out a full list of modifiers yet, but they will mostly involve weapons or racial abilities.

Multiple models in combat

Normally, combat should only take place between one model and one other.  If there are multiple models in contact with one other model, they are in an uneven combat.  In this case, the side of the combat with more models receive an additional modifier per extra combatant on their side (for humans, we say an extra +1).

In addition, if the side with more models wins, they gain +1 to their damage table roll for each extra combatant on their side.  Conversely, if the outnumbered side of the combat loses, they suffer -1 to their damage table roll for every extra combatant opposing them.

For example, Frank is fighting 2 zombies (arrgh!).  He rolls 1D6, as does the zombie player.  Frank rolls a 4, and the zombie player also rolls a 4.  Frank is fighting with a bayonet mounted on his rifle, which gives him a +1 modifier, giving him a total of 5.  The zombies get a +1 multiplier for being generally bloodthirsty and mindless, and an extra +1 for having one extra combatant on their side, leaving them with a total of 6.  The zombie player rolls on the human damage table, with a +1 modifier, probably tearing Frank’s head off and eating his brain (BRAAAIIINSS!!!).

Combat in Zombie Scenario

We haven’t totally sorted this out yet, but here are the modifiers we are likely to give the models in the Z scenario:

Humans: Are armed with bayonets mounted on rifles, giving them a +1 modifier.  Obviously, this puts the sergeant and machine gunner at a disadvantage, so they need protecting.  As the soldiers are trained to fight together, they gain a +1 modifier for every extra combatant on their side in a uneven fight.

Zombies: Gain a +1 to combat rolls for being bloodthirsty.  They cannot gain any modifier to their combat roll for being on the larger side of an uneven fight.  Any modifiers to the damage roll stand as normal.

These stats have worked out reasonably well so far, leaving lots of humans dead once the zombies get up close and personal.

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