BaD – Shooting

For shooting, we wanted to avoid the whole squad having to shoot at the same target. We also wanted to avoid the need for too many tables to look up target numbers. So, we decided to go for a system based on that used by most of the games designed by Spartan Games.

Basic Shooting Rules

Range is measured in a series of ‘bands’, each of 8″.  We reckon most weapons will only work in the first 3 range bands, to make sure people have to move about on the table in order to shoot.  Each weapon will have a table which tells you how many D6s to roll when firing in each different range band  Each dice does not necessarily represent a ‘shot’, it just shows an increased chance of hitting your target.  Of the dice you roll, all of those that come out as a 4+ count as a hit.  Any additional hits above one give you a +1 modifier when rolling on the damage table.

For example, if Frank is firing a bolt action rifle at a zombie who is 10″ away, he looks at the rifle’s table and finds that he has 2D6 to roll.  He rolls them and gets a 5 and a 2.  This means he rolls on the Zombie damage table with no modifier.


In terms of cover, we haven’t come up with an exact system yet, but are at the moment working with the idea that any obstacles in the way create trouble for the model shooting.  This halves their shooting pool, rounded up.

Multiple Targets

If there are more than one target in the same range band, and a model has more than one dice in their shooting pool for that range band, they can choose to split their fire between these targets.  You should split the dice physically and place them next to their targets, then roll hits and damage for each target in turn.

A machine gun (or similar) can also choose to ‘spray’ an area, hitting as many targets as they can.  To do this, choose a target on which to start, and one on which to end your ‘spray’. You then roll your shooting pool of dice and place any ‘hit’ next to a model within your spray, starting with the first model in the spray, moving in the direction of the last model.  In doing this, you obviously forgo the modifier to the damage roll given by more than one hit, as you will only ever roll one hit per target.  Any hits ‘left over’ once every target in the spray has one assigned are simply lost (spraying with a machine gun is much less accurate than firing aimed shots, meaning the damage is likely to be lower).

For example, Frank is firing an LMG at range band 3, meaning he has 5 dice in his shooting pool.  He decides to spray a group of 5 zombies moving from left to right.  He rolls his 5D6 and comes up with 4 hits.  This means that all but the furthest zombie to the right get hit.

Shooting in Zombie Scenario

We decided that most of the soldiers would be armed with a bolt action rifle for the scenario, similar to what soldiers would have been armed with in WW2.  The sergeant of the squad will have a pistol, and there will be one soldier with a Light Machine Gun or similar (maybe medium?).  The armaments will have the following statistics.

Range Band 1 2 3 4
Pistol 3 1 X X
Rifle 2 2 1 X
LMG 1 3 5 X

The theory was to make all of the weapons suitably different, having strengths and weaknesses in realistic areas.  As with other areas of the game, playtesting will determine whether or not this has worked.

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