BaD -Movement

When it came to movement, we wanted to keep it nice and simple. Each race will have a set movement rate in inches. In their movement phase (we’re using phases right now but that might change) each model can move upto their movement rate. They can also choose to run, which adds a racial dice roll to their movement. When moving through terrain that we deem to be enough to slow someone down, movement will be halfed. We wanted it to be as simple as possible, so went with this. Play testing will determine whether this is too simple.
We’re starting everything off by coming up with stats and rules for a scenario involving human soldiers fighting zombies so as I post here I’ll put what we’ve come up with for that here too.

Movement in Zombie Scenario

-Humans can move 6″ and gain an extra D6″ when they run.
-Zombies can move 4″ (we went with slow Zs). They cannot run.
-Zombies must move towards the nearest human in Line of Sight (more about that later).
-If no human is visible by a zombie, their movement is determined randomly (by a scatter dice or similar) this sometimes means they walk on the board only to wander back off again.

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