BaD -Guiding Principles

We set out with the following ideas in mind for our game:

  • It should be small scale (as in size of battle, not size of miniatures), with only a squad or two on each side for each game.
  • It should not be winnable at the army building stage through combinations of killer units.
  • It should be scenario based.
  • It should be winnable through tactical skill, but there should be a significant random element to contend with.
  • It doesn’t need to be balanced, as war very seldom is (either in SF or real life), and as it is scenario based, any ideas about balance can come in at the scenario design stage.

So the basic concepts that the rest of the game is built on are:

  • Each model represents one person/entity.
  • Each person/entity is the member of a squad, but this does not dictate anything about their behaviour (the squad don’t all have to take the same actions as each other, or stay together).  Remaining together will give benefits to the squad, mostly morale-based.
  • Each ‘side’ takes it in turns to move all of their models, and this will possibly be split into phases (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix) but the order in which players move is determined in each turn.  This means that you might go last in one turn, but first in the next.
  • We will not have complex, point based army lists for factions or races.  Instead, models can be ‘skinned’ with various layers (e.g. race, squad, individual), giving different benefits or hindrances.
  • The level of training that a model has will also be important to their abilities to do certain things.
  • The results of damaging a model will be determined by a race/faction specific damage table.

3 thoughts on “BaD -Guiding Principles

  1. We used to spend hours trying and failing to make any kind of workable rules, usually getting stuck on combat systems which attempted to mimic real life physics. Fun to read… keep going 🙂

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