Writing Resolutions Revisited

On July 19th, I wrote a post setting out some resolutions for writing this summer.  They were:

  1. Write SOMETHING at least once a day.
  2. Write at least 750 words on the computer once a day (using this brilliant online tool, made by a guy who is not a tool)
  3. Finish the story tentatively titled ‘Born Into Trouble’
  4. Finish the story tentatively titled ‘Grand Gesture, Poorly Executed’
  5. Come up with 5 possible things on which to base a novel.
Unfortunately, I have already failed the first two resolutions.  I have found it very difficult to make myself sit and write every day and have had a lot of my time taken up with things like preparing to move house and looking at wedding planning stuff.  I know that these are excuses, but they are my excuses and I’m sticking with them.
The other day, my friend Bea gave me a copy of Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande and it has shown me some of the reasons why these resolutions haven’t worked.  Therefore, once I’ve finished reading this wonderful book, I’ll get back to you with a new plan for making myself a more effective writer. So stay tuned!

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