Space Hulk

I’ve just had a great couple of games of Space Hulk with my good friend Ted.  I didn’t get around to taking any photos, so I’ll keep this short.

The first mission we played involved the marines starting with just two guys and having to move around the board reactivating a bunch of others who were unconscious.  The map was really claustrophobic with very few long corridors (in my experience, the corridor is where the marines really shine), so it was a tough struggle for Ted.  I’d also made sure I placed the heavy flamer marine furthest away from his start zone so he didn’t have that to help him clear rooms.  I was able to swamp him with Genestealers pretty quickly and some ridiculously bad rolls made sure his Librarian died.

We kept the same roles for the next mission, which was just the next one in the book and involved the Marines having to cross the map, pick up a cup and take it back to their starting square.  Ted played it real cautious, moving nice and slow and putting as many marines as possible on overwatch.  While this was a little frustrating for the ‘nids, it did give me plenty of time to build up a stock of blips out on the board and move them around so they were where I wanted them.  He managed to cross the map to where the cup was, but had lost 4 marines by that point (most killed when he got close to the cup room).  The remaining 3 hung on for a while and managed to get about halfway back, but I had had plenty of time to build up a stock of blips around the starting squares and in the side corridors ready to ambush marines as they came by.  In the end the last two marines were totally surrounded and there’s just no way for them to deal with that.

So all in all, two wins for me!

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